Medical applications; medical visualisation; special needs; VR and the disabled


» Moline, J. (1999) Virtual Reality for Health Care: a survey
» Virtual Reality and Persons with Disabilities (Talks from a conference at California State University.)

Medical and surgical

Visualization Of Visible Human (VRML)
[Link verified and viewed 11 April 2005]

The Virtual Reality Brain Project at SUNY (Panoramic VR)
[Link verified and viewed 09 Feb 2005]

The Human Brain Project, Technical University of Denmark (VRML)
[Link updated and viewed, 09 Feb 2005]

The Virtual Reality Brain Project

The Virtual Hand (This is one of a number of project from the University of Sheffield Virtual Reality in Medicine and Biology Group.)
[Link verified and viewed 11 Feb 2005]

Web-Based Surgical Simulators and Medical Education Tools (VRML)

Amira: medical and anatomical visualisation
[The first link, above, was inaccessible when I tried it; the second link verified and viewed 8 Feb 2006]

Medical Virtual Reality Demonstrator for Multimedia Education


3D Healing Experiences(TM) used in the Experiential Cognitive Therapy(TM) for Panic disorders: Immersive Virtual Reality Graded Exposure Therapy - VRGET
[Links verified and viewed 11 Feb 2007]

Virtual Reality in Psychiatry -- developing a VR environment to simulate an actual exposure environment for treatment of acrophobia

Virtual Vietnam: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment Environment

VR for the Disabled