Although until recently somewhat marginal to my main work, I've been interested in museum and heritage informatics, the conceptualisation of virtual museums, and 'museums as information systems', since 1995, delivering my first conference papers and first journal publications (with Bruce Durie) in 1996.

Since 1996 I've either led or participated in a small number of digital heritage projects in the UK, Belgium and Italy, and have presented papers at, inter alia, ECSITE (European Collaborative for Science, Industry and Technology Exhibitions, the European network of science centres and museums), EVA (Electronic Imaging and the Visual Arts), the African Studies Association UK, and ICHIM (International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting).

In 2007 I at last started getting serious about it ...

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Projects and teaching

An introductory course in Culture & Heritage Informatics
My Life Is My Museum
"My Life Is My Museum"
An experimental project in community memory

A digital gallery to support teaching

Music, interviews, lectures